Our Clients


Tangent has tailored our management and trained our technicians to exceed the confidentiality and security requirements of our financial client base. Our employees have the appropriate security clearances and experience for working in Data Centers, Bank Branches, Disaster Recovery and other secured areas. Our clients benefit from the value added in our ability to integrate electrical, telecommunications and security system installations.


Tangent works with the client’s IT departments, Facility managers and selected Architectural firms to design and specify the cabling infrastructure prior to the start of new projects. This coordination effort, and our experience with the electrical, telecommunications and security installation standards, insures that our clients receive the most valuable solution to their project. Our professional clients include Property and Facility Management Groups, Energy Providers, IT Consultants, Law Firms, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Industrial and Manufacturing sites.


Tangent works with Security and Audiovisual providers as a labor source for installation of their proprietary equipment. We are capable of providing staff to install conduit raceways, electrical circuits, network connections and all cabling and device installation for CCTV, card access, intrusion alarm systems, audiovisual cabling and flat screen and projection equipment.


Tangent provides our same unique services to clients through the competitive bid process of General Contractors and Construction Management firms, providing the end user with our qualified staff and an exceptional level of performance. Tangent will coordinate with all other trades on site to insure that project schedules are met and our work is completed to the project specifications.


Tangent has been providing our services in the educational industry for Vocational Schools, local School Districts and Universities. Tangent is able to install the cabling systems to insure that these educational facilities have the ability to provide staff and students with the latest technological edge.


Tangent continually works in Delaware and Maryland casinos installing network cabling for slot machines, digital signage and the office environment, as well as cabling for CCTV and security systems. Tangent holds a Delaware State Security License and our employees have appropriate background checks to insure our work force meets the gaming industry’s security requirements.