Completed Projects

Financial Institute Upgrade for UPS and Data Center Power Distribution

Demo of existing power supplies and gears. Installation of new conduit and power supply for new equipment. Provide and install new gears. Work off hours to insure continuity of customer’s operations.

Electrical and Network Cabling for Pharmaceutical Company

Demo existing electrical circuit wiring and network cabling as needed. Install power distribution and wiring for office equipment. Relocate occupancy sensors, interior and exterior lighting, and emergency lighting. Install a certified Cat 6 network cabling system.

Casino Table Game Renovations – Network Cabling

Installation of voice, data and special systems cabling throughout the casino floor. Installation of copper and fiber backbone cabling and horizontal cabling for the 3rd floor project space.

New Casino in Tri-State Area

Installation of voice/data, CCTV, Security and CATV cabling for a new construction project. Installation of TV’s, monitors, speakers and WIFI devices.

Equipment Removal at International Airport

Provide project engineering and removal of communication equipment with uninterrupted service to critical security operations.

Electrical and Network Cabling for a Financial Institute’s Bank Branch

Completed slab work and underground electrical service work for a new branch site. Installation of power panels, branch circuit wiring, lighting, fire alarm cable and electrical devices. Installation of voice/data cabling and CCTV and security cabling for the branch.

Plasma Screen Installs for Bank Branches

Installation of electrical circuits and data cabling for a PC and plasma screen at over 1,320 bank branches. Mount and install all equipment and test for proper operation of the system.

Telecommunications Cabling for Manufacturer’s New Building

Design workstation and backbone network cabling. Design and provide drawings and documentation of the cabling infrastructure and telecom room layouts including racks, cable trays, floor cores, power requirements and telecom room termination equipment. Design and install all overhead conveyance, voice racks and data cabinets, and a 40KW UPS system in the main server room. Install workstation cabling from each telecom room to approximately 560 locations. Provide as-built drawings and warranty certifications.

Cabling for a Large Financial Data Center

Data Center integration of additional server cabinets. Install and test 31,500 strands of fiber trunk cables. Install and test 400 Cat 6 copper cables. Complete as-built drawings and warranty certifications.

Tenant Fitout for Philadelphia Law Firm

Design and install new copper and fiber backbone cabling to Telecom rooms. Upgrade and add fiber trunks to the server cabinets. Install new network cabling to workstation throughout the renovation project space.